Villa Address:
Augustin Melgar # 36,
Bucerias, Nayarit, Mexico

01-329-298-0875 (Local)
1-858-433-0810 (From US)

Bucerias is a mere 17 km from the Pt. Vallarta International Airport. Exiting the airport you must travel north (opposite downtown Pt. Vallarta) watch for signs indicating “Compostela” or “ Tepic”. If you pass McDonald’s or the famous whale sculpture, you are heading the wrong direction. Just turn around and follow the highway all the way to Bucerias.

[Note: On most area roads, left-turns are made only from the left lane of the lateral road (service lane) and not from the main lanes of the road. See Illustration:]

Just past the Pemex Gas station, exit right on to the service road. Continue 3/4 km to the stoplight and turn left. Follow the cobblestone street 1km to the end (DeCameron Hotel Entrance) and turn right. Go two blocks to Augustin Melgar Street (Oasis Restaurant on left) and turn left. The Villa covers the entire block from the corner to the beach. Park anywhere on the left hand side. The main entrance is black metal door closest to the beach. Ring the bell and prepare to relax with a welcome beverage as you are lead on a personal get acquainted tour of the Villa.

From Puerto Vallarta International Airport

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