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There is no smoking allowed in the Villa or on property except out at the beach patio past the arched gates. Please do not leave your cigarette butts on the ground. Please use an ash tray.

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We have a strict policy that our staff is not available or responsible to care after any visiting children or monitor their activities.

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Departure Time

The check-in time for the Villa is 4:00 pm and the check-out time is 12 pm. If you need additional time please contact our Property Manager to work out the details. If we do not have new guests coming in the same day we usually can extend your departure. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Lite Laundry

The housekeepers will wash your clothes at your request at a per piece price of $1.00. Please keep it to “lite” wash (undergarments, t-shirts, bathing suits, etc). They are not responsible for any damage. Please place your soiled garments outside your room and inform them. They will get them back to you in 24 hours except Sunday or their day off. Please pay the housekeepers directly when they return your clothes.

Days Off

We give our staff a day off every 7th day. Usually this falls on a Sunday however if there is a conflict or if you would like them to work the 7th day please inform our Property Manager. There is a fee of $25 per staff member except for our chef; the charge is $10 per person per meal. You will need to pay Esther directly for that day and any extra meals.

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H2O & Ice

We are fortunate to have two water sources. Our main source comes from our natural spring well. Our second source is from the city and is certified safe for human consumption by the Mexican government. We filter all of the water as it comes into the Villa. So there is no need to keep water away from your face when showering. Regardless, we only drink bottle water and strongly suggest you do likewise. We always have a five gallon bottle in the kitchen free to our guests and can purchase smaller ½ liter bottles as well. Please let Esther know if you would like her to purchase cases of bottled water during your stay. We are all concerned about the environment and will only purchase bottled water if requested. All of our ice is purified.

Transfers to/from the Airport

If you prefer, we would be more than happy to arrange your pickup at the airport as well as your departure. We contract this service with a local VIP taxi company. If you have multiple pickups or a large party, please let us know so we can accommodate your specific needs.

Fun Things to Do

Puerto Vallarta offers many exciting activities year round. We can arrange excursions to the jungle, swim with the dolphins, parasailing, sport fishing, surfing, horseback riding, Curves Fitness Center, Mariachis, and more. Our preferred sport fishing and surfing company will pick you up in front of the villa at the beach with their boats if and only if the surf is clam. Please contact our Property Manager for further information. You can also go to our website to view our suggested activities.

Electricity & A/C

The Villa is completely air-conditioned. However, the energy costs in Mexico are very expensive. Please help us save energy and keep our costs down by turning off your A/C unit and lights when leaving your bedroom. It is best to leave your ceiling fan on during the day. In addition, please do not leave the A/C on when doors are open throughout the house.


Please help us protect our furniture and home by wiping off sand before entering the house, avoid sitting on furniture with wet clothes and/or sun tan-lotioned bodies, and use coasters for placing drinks on furniture.

Telephone Use

Through modern technology, we offer free unlimited calling to the US and Canada only on line 2. Line 2 is an “Internet” phone line which allows our guest unlimited use to North America. Line 1 is our local line which only local calls should be made from. There will be a fee to use line 1 for long distance calls. Please contact our Property Manager for further assistance.


Two meals of your choice are prepared daily. Breakfast is usually served at 9:00 am and Dinner at 7:00 pm. Lite snacks can also be arranged. All food and beverage costs are the responsibility of the guest. If you are having guests or large parties for dinner please give our chef and our Property Manager a minimum of 24 hours notice. Based on the size of the special dinner, we might need to hire additional help at an expense of minimum $50 per helper. Note: We will ask that you fill out our Guest Shopping list, that will be provided prior to your arrival, so that you can list the staples (beer, alcohol, bottled water, sodas, chips, ice cream, meats, fruits and vegetables, etc) for us to purchase on your behalf so that we may stock the villa for you the day you arrive. Guests are responsible for all grocery and beverage costs during their stay. Our Property Manager will do most of the shopping and give you a weekly total of the cost to be reimbursed. Please pay her at the beginning and end of each week for all groceries and any extra help. NOTE: The cost of food averages $20 per person per day but can change depending on the types of food purchased (steak and lobster verses pork and chicken) as well as type of alcohol (Ketel One verses Kirkland brand). Provisioning – Grocery items can be stocked at the villa for your arrival with at least two weeks advanced notice. Upon your arrival please pay our Property Manager for the first purchase of groceries, usually $500 Dollars. Throughout the week she’ll be purchasing any supplies that run out and need replenishing. She’ll also provide you with receipts for all of the items purchases. There is a 10% service fee that will be added to your grocery total.


We ask that our guest group (not individual guests) tip our staff at the end of its stay. The industry standard is 10-20% of one’s lodging (not including food & beverage) divided amongst the staff. [For example a week’s stay of $14,000 would incur an average minimum tip of $ 1,400, divided by the siz staff members.] For groups larger than 14 people we suggest a proportionate increase in the tip due to the extra workload. You will notice a number of people working at the Villa that are not included in the above tipping schedule since they work for private contractors (e.g.-landscaping). Our Property Manager will distribute the tips equally. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to discuss them with the Property Manager. Our villa’s staff include two waiter/chef’s assistant, housekeepers, our cooks and security guard. Note: For groups larger than 14 people please add 5-10% more to the above suggested tipping method.


For your added convenience, we have installed safes in each closet for your personal belongings. Furthermore, every evening from 7pm until 7am we will have a security guard patrolling the property, street and beach to make sure your night’s sleep is a quiet one. However, it is recommended to put your passport, money and any personal belongings in your room safe. The same as if you were traveling in the US. Same sensibility applies.