Media Room Amenities

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PHONE LINES Bucerias Mexico Villas
Line 1 – (329) 298-0875 – Local calls only.
Line 2 – (858) 433-0810 – US and Canada calls only. International calls will be charged the going rate. If interested, please inquire with our property manager.

FYI – Line 1 is a Mexican line and line 2 is an internet line (Vonage) that uses the DSL line.

DSL – You should be able to plug into your computer using the yellow Ethernet cable which is already connected to the 2Wire modem. Please DO NOT REMOVE from modem. If your computer has mobile technology then you will be able to connect wirelessly.

TV – The SAMSUNG 70″ HDTV is connected through the SKY satellite service. There are over 100 channels however most are in Spanish but you will be able to enjoy CNN, ESPN, FOX, BBC, and a few others in English. There are three remote controls. One for the Sony TV, one for SKY, and the other for the LG DVD/VCR unit.

Turn on the Sony TV with its remote (the “green” power button is located on the top right corner.) To change the channels use the SKY remote. Press the “SKY” button on the SKY remote (top right – blue) then press the “Guide” button (middle left – blue). When you see the guide screen you can scroll up or down by using the arrow up or down buttons (center – blue). When you find the channel you want to watch press the center blue button (with white circle around it). You will need to point the remote to the little “receiver” under the table to the left of the TV. If for some reason that the remote is not working well with the little receiver then you can point it to the SKY box under the bed against the wall to the right of the TV. Green light on the box means that it is ON and red is OFF. The TV must be on TV not Video 1,2,3 etc. The button to change from TV to Video 1, 2, 3 etc is located on the Sony remote just below the power button. If you have any difficulty please contact Our Manager.

DVD/VCR – To view either a DVD or VCR the TV needs to be on “Video 1”. The best way to do this is to turn on the DVD/VCR first. Leave the TV off. Insert a DVD or VCR (you will need to press a button on the DVD/VCR unit to switch to a VCR or DVD). This button is located left center of the front of the unit. Once the DVD or VCR is in the unit press play and then turn on the TV. The TV will be automatically on “Video 1”. If not, then the TV/Video switch is on the front of the TV and the Sony remote. Go ahead and switch it to “video 1”. If you are still having problems please contact Greg. We had a DVD library (Over 100) with TV series (Entourage, The Office, ER, etc) and well as movies for your enjoyment. Please do not take any home with you.

HP Printer – The HP 5610 All-In-One has copy, fax, printing, and scanning functions. You might need to download the software from HP or you can install the software from the CD. The CD is located in the right side drawer of the desk. Receiving a fax is automatically performed by the HP however sometimes it does not want to. So to receive a fax manually, let the phone ring (line 2) and press the FAX button on the HP. The paper is for your use. Please be aware your usage of paper and ink so others can enjoy the benefits.