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Villa Encanto Mexico Bucerias

Welcome to the Villa Encanto Mexico, a family-owned private villa. Our love and passion for Mexico was fostered mainly through our parents. As newlyweds in the mid 1950’s our mother and father would travel to Mexico and stay in the small town of Corona Beach, just south of Ensenada. A quick stop at the local cantina, Hussong’s Bar, was a must before continuing down to their final destination.

They, along with other family members, would set up their “Casa en la Playa” – five to ten cars and trucks, closely parked with tents attached – right on the beach.

Not a soul was to be found at that time, except for an occasional merchant selling their goods. And of course, there were plenty of lobsters, tamales, tortillas, and Mexicali Beer to feed our hungry tribe!

This would be our summer home and the start of a long and glorious tradition.

Many years have passed, many children and grandchildren raised with this love of Mexico – all of which has magically brought us to Bucerias and present-day…

As a family, we spend many weeks throughout the year at the Villa, laughing, swimming, eating, exploring, and enjoying our precious time together. But also, we have dedicated ourselves to continually improving our home. Recently, we have upgraded our bathrooms, added new tile balconies and patio furniture, planted additional landscaping, added new exterior LED lighting and installed new energy-efficient dual pane windows and sliders. As any homeowner will know, the list never ends – but for our new “Casa en la Playa”, it is truly a labor of love!

Our entire family is so pleased to share this home with you and hope that you will quickly discover the warmth of the people, the beauty of the surroundings and the splendor of Villa Encanto!


The Villa Encanto Family